Saturday, March 5, 2011


The internet was invented so that I could say things to/about people without getting into any REAL trouble. I'm gunna say what's on my mind. I'm gunna be offensive. I'm gunna share things that I think are funny when in reality they are plain rude. If you can't handle it DO NOT READ IT. I realize this isn't very "christian" like... but screw it. We all need to vent and I'm pretty sure that Jesus is gunna love me anyway. Most of the time, I just say (or type) words that people are already thinking but won't say it themselves.

The lesson in todays blog is to NOT take things on the internet seriously. Lighten up. It's time to worry about you, your family and where YOUR life is going. Not mine. And most definitely not what I'm writing on the internet.

Side note* I'm in a terrible mood today. Lucky for me I write best while ticked off. I'll be sure to document today's events in my book.