Sunday, April 10, 2011


knock knock

who's there?


Amanda who?

Amanda fix the refrigerator is here.

AHAHAHAHA thanks mom and dad. you both are so friggin HILARIOUS. these jokes never got old during my traumatic childhood. really. bravo. i'll be sure to name my child something equally as stupid. like Ug Lee. or Wayne Ker. or Mike Hunt. thanks to you two my future offspring already hates me.

This weekend I learned...

All I need to cure a pissy mood is an hour and a half at the spa.

I also learned that it is much easier to spend my husband's money while he is distracted with clients and therefore cannot utter the word "no".

I like sushi.
I don't like waiting an hour for said sushi.
I also don't like it when the waitress delivering this sushi cannot speak my language... It makes it much too difficult for me to complain.

And most importantly, I've learned that I really really REALLY do enjoy complaining. Even if it means me having to attempt another language that I have -no- knowledge of or experiment with hand gestures that I've never even seen myself use in the past.