Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another day, another dollar

DumbDumb : "Excuse me sir, how much are your watermelons?"
Mandy : *Looks over shoulder*
DumbDumb : "How much are your watermelons, sir?"
Mandy : "Oh hell no."
DumbDumb : "The watermelons?"
Mandy : *blank stare* "$5.99"

This is a common occurance for me. I come home, sit in front of my computer, eat food that is no where near as delicious as anticipated and try to pin point the most fucked up conversation I've had that day. Today, this one wins.
And I must thank you, Mr. DumbDumb. Thank you for confirming my tiny titty theory.

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  1. This was my life back in 1997-2001. Scary memories...