Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have a confession

There. I said it.
Haters gunna hate.
I especially love snooks and Jenni. Not only are they hilarious but they teach young girls around the world that it's ok to get drunk off your ass every night! & it's ok if you don't have any REAL goals. && if people can't see your vagina, that dress isn't short enough. AND FOR CRAPS SAKE hook up with randoms!! Why? Because life is a joke. All you need to worry about is fist pumping and gorilla shopping.

gah, I wish my life was like that. Minus the STD's, hangovers, paparazzi, dead end careers, being labeled as a hoe... On second thought I'll just stick to watching them on tv. I need something to laugh at for an hour every Thursday night that doesn't involve any thinking.

Hey, at least they have a strong friendship. Sexually transmitted disease or not, they always have each others back.

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