Saturday, December 19, 2009


Was I the only sheltered, not-so-bright child who thought we would have flying cars by 2010? Like full out Jetsons kinda deal. Uuuhhh anyway its almost 2010. Do you know what that means? It's time for new years resolutions and then people failing miserably at them. I've never had one of these resolution thingys before... so why not give it a shot? I couldn't possibly give up chocolate because that's better than sex, and I couldn't give up sex because that's better than chocolate. Whatever, it makes sense in my head. I like shopping too much and I'm not about to start up weight watchers again. We all know how that ended. (not my fault it was a stupid points system with a stupid rule book and green "healthy" food.) ANYWAY, in the middle of a conversation with my lovely aunt who could be easily mistaken for a truck driver BAM it hit me. Just like that little bitch in gym class 6 years years ago. I COULD GIVE UP THE F BOMB. Yank that sucker out of my vocabulary. Do it for new years and bring my aunt down with me.

I Amanda promise not to use the following words after january 1st 2010 :
fucktard (man, that one's my favourite)

...aaand maybe i'll try to be a nicer person.

This is gunna suck.

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  1. fuck, for fuck sakes this is gonna fucking suck fucking balls! fucker!! fuck me haha,,,, its gonna be fun trying to do this with you my fav lil Niece lol! YOU CAN DO IT! me im not so sure