Monday, December 14, 2009

poetry at its finest

There once was a girl from newfie land,
Beautiful ocean, a crap load of snow, no sand.
She had a crazy cat,
and one who was fat,
and a boyfriend who deserved a smack from her hand.

Her family lived far far away,
None of which called to say 'hey'.
The newfies said she lived 'by da bay',
and she has plans to visit home in may.

The power company took her money.
They said she didn't pay.
At this point her life wasn't very funny.
Why'd it have to be this way?

'Fuck em all!' she thought.
She cursed them all the time.
So she went shopping a lot,
and had a vodka with some lime.


  1. mwahahah i got an account just to follow you! now how do i make a blog thing too?

  2. LOL a "blog thing" HAHAHA
    i dont quite remember. but if i can do it, u can do it too.