Wednesday, July 13, 2011

where do I even begin?

Today started out well. Aside from working my buns off. But that's nothing new.
I got to play catch up with an amazing friend who I haven't spoken to in FOREVER. He always gives me great advice :)
And then I dipped my toes into a tiny puddle of a social life with the people I like to refer to as my work family. I'm extremely fond of most of my work family. There are however a select few who I wouldn't think twice about shoving under a herd of ugly cows if given the chance.
Around 2pm is when my day turned odd.
How exactly does one respond to a text that says: "Apparently Leo took a shit on the counter"
(Leo being my cat, the anonymous texter being my husband)
Let's just say I arrived home to an interesting sight.

As if the shit left in my kitchen wasn't enough shit for me to deal with...
Now I've got people who DON'T even have facebook asking me about my status updates and posts. Look, I realize I'm super-awesome in every possible way a human being can be but pleeeeaaaase don't creep on me like that. It really weirds me out. Everything I have to say is interesting, yes. So just add me on facebook and read my brilliant words yourself.

St. John's is starting to sound better every day. I miss the island. I miss the ocean. I miss the friendliness.
Who am I kidding? I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. On the plus side I've made a few real friends in this crappy city.

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